Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Official

Well, I'm a blogger. I've dismissed the idea of blogging for some time now, for a couple of reasons. First, I wonder if I really have anything to say. Well, I know I have something to say, but I wonder if I have anything to say that would benefit someone else. Second, would anyone read it if I did say anything?

As for my first concern, I've decided that I have lots to say. Often times, I have too much to say. But how often do I get up in the morning, live my life, and go to bed without stopping to think, "What have I learned? What mistakes did I make today? What do I need to change?"

You get the idea.

I think blogging will help me to process my life. I'm 30 years old right now, with a two year old and a two-month old. I fear turning 40, doing the exact same things I'm doing now, just trying to keep my kids from making huge mistakes, making sure the mortgage gets paid, keeping my marriage together. If I never stop and think, that's what will naturally happen, because I'm a routine type of guy. And my life will pass, decade after decade, and I'll eventually die. Not that blogging will keep me from dying (how great would that be!), but I think it will help me to LIVE my life, and not just let it pass me by.

My second concern (fear really) is probably the bigger issue for me. This fear really stems from a time in high school where my band was scheduled to play a concert with another band at Watertown in Shreveport. (I know, I know, that's a whirlwind of awesomeness.) We set up all day, and even did a radio interview to promote the show... and I'm not kidding, the four guys in the other band were the only people who heard us play. Was it Watertown? Was it us? Did the combination of the two create a perfect storm of negative synergy that kept people away? Either way, it was a blow to my already fragile 15-year-old ego.

I fear spending all this time throwing my perspectives on the world out there, and my mom being the only person who reads it. Or, to complete the analogy, the three or four guys whose blogs I read so they feel compelled to read mine. But should that stop me? Maybe my mom needs to hear what I say; maybe it'll benefit her in some way.

So here goes my blogging experiment. I'll discuss my journey of growth as a worship leader, a husband, a father, and a Christian leader. It's a long story...


  1. Hi, little brother! Don't forget that your big sis will be reading, too. So that makes 6 of us. :) -Cara

  2. oh and your big sis's friend who remembers when you were 15 though I didn't know you had a gig at Watertown! of course now I'm one of the faces you have to look at on Sunday mornings :) so now you are up to almost twice your audience at Watertown! blog on...

  3. Your other big sis will be reading, too!

  4. The ironic thing is that while I'm studying/reading your blog, I've got the Fire and Glory album playing on repeat.

  5. I'm not family, but I'm still reading it!!

  6. Hi Chris! Well, your mom is reading your blog a little later than other folks. We got my internet working again tonight, so I'm catching up. Very interesting, so far. Dad and I are proud of you and your journey, and the great family God has given you and Karen! Be sure to enjoy each season of life - it can fly by!